Sunbed Lotions

How Does Tanning Work?

Natural tanning is a consequence of exposing your skin to UV light (by the sun or sunbeds). Your skin has developed the ability to tan to protect itself from over-exposure and outside stresses. Only people with skin type 2 or higher should tan the skin with indoor or outdoor UV light.

Natural tanning occurs when skin is exposed UVB and UVA light. Special cells called melanocyte cells produce tanning pigment (called melanin) which travels to the surface of your skin. ’Mela’ means ‘skin’. Done moderately, the top layers of your skin gradually turn a browner colour after repeated exposures. The cosmetic tan that results from repeated moderate tanning sessions is the bonus of this biologically crafted process.

It’s important to realise that burning is not tanning, and your skin does not need to get red in order to get brown. It is equally important to know how vital it is to use good quality tan accelerator and extender products to keep the skin hydrated and nourished during the tanning cycle. Just like muscles need good nutrition to perform their best, so does the skin need good care for a great tan AND a glowing colour. That’s why it’s really important to use a special lotions.

Because today’s post is for the sunbed tanning I will show you some sunbed creams which are more popular. There is a few types of lotions:

BASIC ACCELERATOR: These indoor tanning lotions are great for a beginning tanner with exceptionally pale or sensitive skin.

BRONZER: These are by far the most popular tanning lotions on the market.


FACIAL TANNERS: The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body. Most indoor tanning lotions are not designed to be applied to your face.

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